Press Releases Commission welcomes return by Canada of gas pipeline turbine

Commission welcomes return by Canada of gas pipeline turbine

The European Commission welcomes the decision by Canada to return a natural gas pipeline turbine to Germany after its repair, for use in the Nord Stream 1 pipeline. With the return of this part, one of the excuses being used by Russia for reduced gas flows has been removed. The Commission has been in close contact with both Germany and Canada on this issue, and with Siemens, to ensure that we were well informed of the situation.

The Commission continues to work closely with its international partners, including Canada and the United States, to ensure the energy security of Europe for the coming winter. We are pursuing the target of filling 80% of Europe’s gas storage by 1 November in line with the new Regulation which was proposed by the Commission in March, and agreed by the European Parliament and Member States in June. We also continue the work under our REPowerEU Plan to diversify our energy supplies, accelerate deployment of renewable energy sources, and to strengthen our energy efficiency and energy savings efforts.

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