Press Releases Copyright: EPP Group secures better conditions for the press

Copyright: EPP Group secures better conditions for the press

Copyright: EPP Group secures better conditions for the press

“We have achieved a ground-breaking deal during our negotiations with Member States and the European Commission on copyright reform. Press publishers in Europe will enjoy copyright protection on the internet, a deal that will further secure quality journalism in Europe and will also ensure that journalists are properly remunerated”, said Axel Voss MEP, Parliament’s Spokesman for the Copyright Directive. “I am happy that long-lasting negotiations with the Member States on modernising European-wide copyright rules are finally concluded”, said Voss.

“The deal will also be significant to the European creative sector. Internet platforms will now be liable for copyright infringements on their sites, but start-ups and other micro and small enterprises will be governed by a special regime. This means that European authors, composers and other copyright holders will enjoy protection in the online world. In no way are we touching the use of memes, as propaganda has suggested in the past. On the contrary, we agreed on provisions that will bring guarantees that the internet will remain a space for free expression”, continued Voss, who led the Parliament in the lengthy negotiations with the Council.

“Press publishers are now entitled to demand from online platforms, for example, news aggregators, the share on revenues should their works be used. Through this, we have managed to shift the balance again to the hands of those who create the content and publish it. What was at stake was to secure conditions for independent journalism in Europe. Journalists as such will also benefit from this as they will be entitled to fair remuneration from press publishers”, concluded Voss.

The deal is yet to be approved by the plenary of the European Parliament, possibly during the March session.

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