Press Releases EEAS: Belarus: Statement by the Spokesperson on the Day of Solidarity with Belarus

EEAS: Belarus: Statement by the Spokesperson on the Day of Solidarity with Belarus

9 February marks 18 months since the falsified elections of August 2020. One year and a half on, the Lukashenko regime in Belarus continues wide-spread human rights violations and its brutal repression against all segments of the Belarusian society.

Today, more than 1040 people are detained as political prisoners in Belarus, including thirty-three media workers. New politically motivated sentences are reported every day. Many detainees have been subjected to abuse and ill-treatment and have been condemned to long prison sentences in political trials conducted behind closed doors. The European Union continues to call for their immediate and unconditional release. Together with our international partners, we are working to secure justice for victims and accountability for perpetrators.

Hundreds of journalists have been forced to leave the country in face of persecution. Belarusian authorities have outlawed independent journalism, and citizens are harassed for seeking access to any independent reporting.

In spite of extreme pressure, courageous Belarusian independent journalists remain at the forefront of the struggle for truth, democracy and fundamental rights. They continue to provide crucial coverage to their audiences inside and outside Belarus. The European Union and its Member States will continue to support Belarusian independent journalism.

We stand with the people of Belarus as they seek a safe, sovereign, democratic and prosperous future.


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