Press Releases EEAS: Myanmar: Statement by the Spokesperson on the general elections

EEAS: Myanmar: Statement by the Spokesperson on the general elections

The general elections held on 8 November mark another important milestone in Myanmar’s democratic transition. We look forward to the completion of the democratic process and the official announcement in due time of the outcome.

As a long-standing supporter of Myanmar’s democratic process, the European Union commends the high participation in the elections and peaceful voting, especially in the current challenging circumstances created by the coronavirus outbreak.

The 2008 Constitution continues to pose significant limitations to a fully democratic process in Myanmar, and to limit the exercise of fundamental rights by all.

The EU continues to call for the full inclusion of all ethnic, religious and minority groups of the country, including the Rohingya community, and for ensuring the legitimate civil and political rights of all. We look forward to by-elections being held at the earliest possible in those constituencies where November polls could not take place. This also is crucial for the democratic process. Looking further ahead, we call on the Myanmar authorities to improve the electoral regulatory framework consistent with international standards and best practices. This would strengthen people’s trust in the electoral process and reinforce its credibility. The European Union stands ready to continue to assist Myanmar in this endeavour.

There were undoubtedly several challenges and difficulties in this electoral process. However, once the official outcome has been announced, all parties should engage constructively for good governance and democratic reforms. A tolerant approach to different views and a lively debate to find solutions to political challenges is crucial.

The people of Myanmar have clearly demonstrated their attachment to democracy. As the European Union, we look forward to continuing our engagement with the next government towards fully civilian and democratic governance, which would go hand in hand with the peace process, sustainable and inclusive development, and embrace all people in Myanmar

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