Press Releases EPP Group: A bipolar world cannot be in China’s interest

EPP Group: A bipolar world cannot be in China’s interest

“Should China provide military support for Putin it will have clear consequences for Sino-EU relations and trade. It must, however, not prevent our dialogue on how to solve other pressing global issues such as the looming economic crisis, climate change, and the threat of a broader conflict in the Indo-Pacific and beyond”, stated Radosław Sikorski MEP and Iuliu Winkler MEP ahead of today’s EU-China Summit.

Sikorski, who is the author of the EPP Group’s strategy on China, warns that Chinese involvement on Putin’s side could likely roll back globalisation. “If China starts arming Putin for his unprovoked war against Ukraine, there will be dire consequences for us all. The world could be once more divided into two blocs. A bipolar world would be tremendously costly for people everywhere. This cannot be in China’s interest”, Sikorski added.

“Economic diplomacy is important to address the structural shortcomings of the Chinese market and improve fair competition conditions and market access for European companies. We favour rules-based cooperation with China, built on the open regulatory framework of the EU and in full compliance with WTO rules”, said Iuliu Winkler MEP, the EPP Group Standing Rapporteur for China in the European Parliament’s International Trade Committee. “But if such an open, rules-based approach in economic relations with China is unachievable, we should make use of our autonomous trade toolbox and trade defence instruments, including proportionate sanctions against Chinese companies. They should mirror the restrictions that European companies face in China”, he concluded.

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