Press Releases EPP Group: Climate protection mustn’t leave anyone behind

EPP Group: Climate protection mustn’t leave anyone behind

The EPP Group has warned against exploding energy prices as a result of ill-designed climate protection measures. It calls for an increase in the planned Social Climate Fund and for better sanctions against energy market manipulations.

“Climate protection measures are currently not the biggest driver for the price hikes, but they can be a reason why energy prices remain high, especially if no alternatives for gas are available or infrastructure is lacking. This is why we insist on a credible Social Facility as part of the Green Deal to address heating and mobility poverty. We need guarantees from the European Commission that the money from this fund will not just fill the coffers of the Member States, but actually help those who need it most”, stressed Esther de Lange MEP, EPP Group Vice-Chairwoman in charge of economy and environment.

“We must identify if there have been market manipulations by state or non-state actors, be it Russia or anybody else. If this has been the case, then we need sanctions”, said Siegfried Mureşan MEP, who spoke on behalf of the EPP Group in today’s plenary debate on rising energy prices.

He also called for a mechanism which ensures that energy procurement of individual EU Member States does not lead to price increases in other countries. “We need a European toolbox, so that actions in one Member State do not harm another Member State”, he stressed.

Mureşan called for an increase in the planned Social Facility of the Green Deal. “The social climate fund is not sufficient, this is not enough. Nobody should be left behind.”

“We must be very watchful about who will foot the bill for the Green Deal. It cannot be low-income families, middle class homeowners and car owners in rural areas without public transport who have to pay the highest bills”, concluded de Lange.

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