Press Releases EPP Group: Define the New European Bauhaus Seal

EPP Group: Define the New European Bauhaus Seal

The EPP Group welcomes the New European Bauhaus initiative launched today by the European Commission but calls for clear criteria for the participation of projects as well as for a bottom-up approach and independent financing.

“Clearly defining the principles and criteria of the New European Bauhaus for any project, regardless of their nature, presents a major challenge indeed. One way to achieve this could be the creation of a ‘New European Bauhaus Seal’. This Seal would be granted to projects that benefit from EU funding and that can prove how they comply with and contribute to the objectives of the New European Bauhaus”, stated Christian Ehler MEP, the EPP Group’s Spokesman for Industry, Research and Energy.

Michaela Šojdrová MEP, the EPP Group’s Spokeswoman for Culture, said: “The New European Bauhaus is a breath of fresh air into the stalemate in which European culture has been during COVID-19. If concrete projects from this initiative are designed by European artists and architects, they have the potential to make a difference. However, the initiative must remain a bottom-up one with its own dedicated budget, independent from the Creative Europe Programme.”

The New European Bauhaus can be a motivation for many, as Ehler explained: “The European Commission should set out how projects contribute to the overarching goals of the New European Bauhaus for each funding scheme and should create incentives to apply for the Seal. With the possibility of earning the award of the Seal, projects, regions, cities and companies can be encouraged to respect and honour the principles of the New European Bauhaus.”

“Sustainability, inclusiveness and aesthetics are the hallmarks of the New European Bauhaus projects, be it a new city quarter or the development of a new mode of transport. It is critical that the Commission stokes visibility, momentum and participation for these projects”, Ehler concluded.

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