Press Releases EPP Group: #EPP4Health: Towards a European Health Union

EPP Group: #EPP4Health: Towards a European Health Union

As the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the EU was caught off guard. However, Europe has proven over and over again that from the darkest of times, it emerges stronger. The concrete solidarity shown to find the COVID-19 vaccine proves what Europeans can achieve when they stick together – we can save lives. The pandemic has also made it blatantly clear that health is not only a national issue, but also a European one, an idea that would have been unthinkable just 12 months ago.

On Wednesday 13 January, the EPP Group is hosting a live online event ‘Towards a European Health Union’. We’ll be talking about COVID-19 vaccines with all the major vaccine players – CEOs of Pfizer, BioNTech, CureVac and the Chief Medical Officer of Moderna. The event will feature three European Commissioners, namely Vice-President Margaritis Schinas, the Commissioner for Innovation and Research, Mariya Gabriel, and the Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, Stella Kyriakides. Along with leading vaccine developers and renowned health experts, the EPP Group will discuss concrete proposals on how to achieve a true Health Union. Join our live event here.

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