Press Releases EPP Group: European sports model should be protected from threats like the Super League

EPP Group: European sports model should be protected from threats like the Super League

For the EPP Group, sport must be based on the principles of solidarity and inclusiveness with open competitions. As such, it is important to further develop a European sports model and to protect it from threats like the European Super League. Today, Tomasz Frankowski MEP, European Parliament negotiator on the EU Sports Policy Report, rallied the Culture and Education Committee behind him in condemning visions of sport that serve the interests of elites and profit only. The European Parliament will decide on its position in November.

“Today, we sent a very clear message. Sport is a right for everyone and we need to ensure that it is safe, accessible, inclusive and equal for all. We need to achieve the right balance between pursuing its commercial interests and protecting the role of European sport, which brings people together, reduces the risk of illness and provides jobs to local communities”, said Frankowski, member of the Culture and Education Committee and a former member of the Polish national football team. He added: “Especially now, we need to focus on preparing sport for long-term challenges such as post-pandemic recovery, innovation and environmental impact.”

“The current situation shows that sport and its values need more visibility and action in the EU. To this end, we propose to set up regular cooperation with all sports stakeholders and other institutions to deliver more targeted and accountable recommendations for action on numerous challenges facing the sport sector”, explained Frankowski.

The Report further calls for more funding and for an increased financial redistribution between professional and grassroots sports. Echoing concerns across European sport that current proposals to change the frequency of the football World Cup would risk the health of athletes and players and damage sport as a whole, the Report is clear that sports organisations must respect the established frequency of major international sports events. The committee also demands that major sporting events should no longer be given to countries where fundamental rights and values are repeatedly violated.

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