Press Releases EPP Group: Future of Europe: don’t waste any more time

EPP Group: Future of Europe: don’t waste any more time

“The health crisis shows us that debating the future of Europe is crucial to prepare us for the challenges that lie ahead. This is why we should finally get started on the Conference on the Future of Europe, to lay the foundations of a new consensus on Europe’s mission and capabilities in the 21st century”, said EPP Group Chairman Manfred Weber MEP after EU Member States finally managed to break the year-long deadlock and agreed to launch the Conference on the Future of Europe.

“We applaud the fact that all European actors at last find themselves on the same page regarding the Conference on the Future of Europe. Let’s not waste any more time and take this opportunity to go forward, listening to the European citizens and re-boosting the dialogue between them and the representatives of our democratic institutions. Together, in the framework of the Conference, we will certainly find innovative solutions for the new challenges we are facing”, said Paulo Rangel MEP, Vice-Chairman of the EPP Group.

“For us, the ambition of the Conference should not have any taboos. The urgency to involve citizens, to strengthen European democracy and to protect our way of life are decisive for our success in the decades to come”, Weber stressed.

Last week, the Portuguese Presidency of the Council proposed to appoint the Heads of the Parliament, the Council and the Commission to preside jointly over the Conference. This proposal lifted the gridlock over who would be steering the conference.

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