Press Releases EPP Group: Get rid of all the useless different chargers

EPP Group: Get rid of all the useless different chargers

The EPP Group has long demanded the European Commission to draft legislation on a common charger for electronic devices. We therefore welcome today’s announcement on harmonising the connectors on small and medium-sized electronic devices.

“We have all been in situations in our life when, for example on a train, my smartphone’s battery is empty so my neighbour would like to lend me a charger from their device. But it doesn’t work as it has a different connector”, said the EPP Group’s Róża Thun MEP, who proposed the European Parliament’s Resolution on the matter last year.

“We need a solution to the drawers full of useless chargers. An average EU citizen produces approximately 16kg of e-waste per year. By introducing one charger for all small and medium-sized electronic devices, we can try to solve this dramatic situation”, stressed Thun. “There is a big benefit for European consumers with this new law, who would not then be obliged to buy a new charger every time they buy a new device.”

“The new law introducing a common charger will bring a cleaner environment, a more comfortable life for European consumers and will save them money”, underlined Thun, who will be working on this legislative proposal in the European Parliament.

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