Press Releases EPP Group: Industry: create new jobs by investing heavily in strategic autonomy

EPP Group: Industry: create new jobs by investing heavily in strategic autonomy

Europe’s industrial strategy must foster our strategic autonomy. We need to invest in our own production, in our companies and in research, development and innovation. After all, these are all engines of job creation and sustainable solutions for both the energy and the digital transitions”, said Tom Berendsen MEP, the EPP Group’s negotiator of the EU’s new Industrial Strategy.

This afternoon, Members of the European Parliament will debate a Report which lays out Parliament’s demands for the strategy. The vote is set for Tuesday and Wednesday.

“Otherwise, the EU risks becoming too dependent on other parts of the world for many vital products such as batteries, microelectronics and raw materials”, the MEP continued. The Report highlights synergies that can be created between the EU economic recovery plan and the EU’s ambitions on the climate and digital agendas.

“We must take action to strengthen and protect the position of the EU in the world, especially in key sectors that contribute to the energy and digital transitions and our economic security. A level playing field is a necessity to ensure that what is made in the EU, should be protected by the EU”, Berendsen stressed.

For the EPP Group, European industry is vital for economies. The industry provides a stable living for millions and as a result, creates healthy communities as well. It is estimated that the EU’s industry employs around 35 million people and accounts for around 16 percent of EU economies.

The EPP Group wants strategic sectors and lighthouse projects to be prioritised. These include CO2-free steel plants, climate-neutral aviation (clean sky) and the decarbonisation of parts of an energy intensive chemical cluster. The ‘battery alliance’ is an example.

“There is also a clear need for investments in concrete projects like quantum computing and hydrogen, as these also help in decarbonising the economy”, Berendsen concluded.

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