Press Releases EPP Group: Let us intensify relations with Taiwan

EPP Group: Let us intensify relations with Taiwan

The EPP Group calls on the European Commission to start an impact assessment, a public consultation and a scoping exercise on a Bilateral Investment Agreement with Taiwan before the end of 2021. Taiwan should also be admitted to participate as an observer in international organisations, including WHO, ICAO and Interpol.

“The EU and its Member States should intensify their relations with Taiwan. It is an important partner in the Indo-Pacific region and a democratic ally on its own merit. It is also a robust democracy and a technologically advanced economy”, explained Michael Gahler MEP, EPP Group Spokesman for Foreign Affairs, ahead of the vote on the Report on EU-Taiwan relations.

The EPP Group condemns Chinese attempts to re-unite the island by force with the People’s Republic of China. It also expresses solidarity with Lithuania – an EU Member State – which authorised Taiwan to open its representative office in Vilnius.

“China needs to stop its military belligerence and pressure against Taiwan. We insist that the status quo of cross-strait relations must not be changed unilaterally and all actors must refrain from violence”, stressed Gahler

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