Press Releases EPP Group: Make stronger CO2 cuts, but don’t kill jobs

EPP Group: Make stronger CO2 cuts, but don’t kill jobs

The EPP Group fully supports the move towards Europe’s climate neutrality by 2050, but wants to do it in a way that creates new employment opportunities, rather than destroying jobs. In today’s vote on the so-called Climate Law in Parliament’s Environment Committee, the EPP Group will vote along this line.

“Cutting emissions to net zero by 2050 is very ambitious and challenging, so we must remain realistic. We expect the European Commission not to give in to the demands of the Left in the European Parliament, who are asking for unreasonably high CO2 emission reduction targets, 65 and 60 percent, respectively”, said Peter Liese MEP, the EPP Group’s Spokesman for Health and Environment, ahead of the vote.

“The EPP Group wants to set the CO2 emission targets to at least 50 percent by 2030 with an option to increase this to 55 percent, if an impact assessment shows this is economically feasible. If the Commission finally proposes 55 percent CO2 emission cuts by 2030, it will very much depend on how we get there. We want a market economy and as few new rules as possible. We do not agree with simply increasing the national targets by 15 percent”, warned Liese.

Liese also stressed that if Europe wants to create jobs and remain an industrial continent, it is crucial to maintain realistic CO2 emission targets. “If we reach climate neutrality but have no more industrial jobs to offer, we are not a role model for China, India or the rest of the world. Without these emerging markets making similar CO2-cutting efforts, it will not be possible to achieve the Paris climate goals”, he said

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