Press Releases EPP Group: No Green Deal without boosting research

EPP Group: No Green Deal without boosting research

The relaunched European Research Area is key to accomplishing the green and digital transitions and to address the present and future health challenges”, declared Maria da Graça Carvalho MEP, the EPP Group negotiator of the European Research Area.

Today, the European Parliament will debate the newly-revived European Research Area (ERA) which draws together a number of EU scientific research programmes. It was set up in 2000 and nurtures European cooperation in the fields of medical, environmental, industrial, and socioeconomic research.

Maria da Graça Carvalho underlined the need to future-proof EU researchers. “The ERA has created added value for our economies and will continue to do so. It will help our European businesses to continue creating new jobs.”

The EPP Group sees this as a question of competitiveness in a globalised world. “Young researchers have been particularly hard hit by the COVID lockdowns. In the pandemic’s new normal, we need to avoid brain drain at all costs. Young researchers are our best hope to develop new technologies”, said Carvalho.

“Therefore, it is fundamental to invest in the careers of our young researchers, improve their prospects and working conditions and uphold academic freedom in the EU. If Europe wants to remain competitive in a globalised world, it cannot afford to lose these bright young minds to its competitors due to a lack of opportunities”, concluded Carvalho.

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