Press Releases EPP Group ready to work on new EU migration policy

EPP Group ready to work on new EU migration policy

The EPP Group today appointed its negotiators for the new European Migration Pact. Negotiations on the new laws must now progress with urgency.

The European Parliament negotiator on the law providing the legal framework for the entire new migration policy in the EU will be the EPP Group’s Tomas Tobé MEP, who says: “The EPP Group is ready to get to work to deliver on a stronger, more efficient migration policy, grounded in solidarity. In order for us to be able to provide protection to those who genuinely need it, irregular economic migration must be reduced. It should not be human traffickers who decide who can apply for asylum in Europe.”

EPP Group negotiators on the other parts of the law package will be MEPs Lena Düpont on the new law establishing a common border procedure for international protection, Karlo Ressler on the law ruling the handling of fingerprints, Eliza Vozemberg-Vrionidi on the new law setting up a solidarity mechanism in case of a crisis situation, and Juan Zoido on the new law for the screening of third country nationals at the EU external borders.

Jeroen Lenaers MEP, EPP Group Spokesman on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs, is pushing to get to work: “Our citizens expect the European Union to come up with durable and effective solutions on asylum and migration and it is our intention as the EPP Group to deliver on these. All our negotiators will now get to work with full force to achieve a reformed European migration policy with broad support. It is high time that we get a more legally secure and fair migration system in place.”

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