Press Releases EPP Group: Solidarity back at the heart of Europe

EPP Group: Solidarity back at the heart of Europe

The EPP Group today warmly welcomed the budget and recovery proposals presented by Commission President von der Leyen in the European Parliament. Manfred Weber MEP, Chairman of the EPP Group, said: “Today we are putting solidarity back at the heart of Europe, where it belongs. We are saying loud and clear that Europe will not leave any person or country behind in this crisis.”

As European countries have been pushing back the deadly Coronavirus, the economic impact has forced the EU to act. Weber continued: “We need massive investments in our economies to prevent another lost generation, like we saw during the financial crisis. This is why it is crucial the new plan gives hope and perspectives to future generations, to help them build a better tomorrow. We don’t need new money to pay for old deficits; we need it to build a better future for our children.”

The EPP Group is particularly satisfied with the involvement of the European Parliament for the Recovery Fund: “It was unthinkable that a year after the European elections, the European Parliament would not be involved in how the new money is spent. The economic crisis is affecting hundreds of millions of Europeans in all corners of our continent and as the directly-elected people’s representatives, we must be in the front line of the management of this crisis”, said Chairman Weber.

The EPP Group insists on swift negotiations to send a message of unity to the world. “Our position and influence outside of Europe depends on our unity and our decisiveness in this crisis. We urge the Member States to be ready for compromise and to measure the urgency of the situation. While we fight internal fights, others, like China, will benefit at the expense of our values and our economies.”

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