Press Releases EPP Group : Unmask Lukashenko’s henchmen

EPP Group : Unmask Lukashenko’s henchmen

The EPP Group today published a list of almost 90 Belarusian officials involved in electoral fraud, torture and violence against peaceful protestors ever since the 9 August rigged Presidential elections in the country.

The list is a reminder that those who want to commit crimes cannot hope to remain anonymous. We will ask for them to be brought to justice.

According to the EPP Group, the names on the list should be added to the sanctions already agreed by EU Member States on 12 October in order to fight impunity and anonymity of the persons responsible for human rights violations in Belarus.

The list contains the names of certain judges and members of the Election Commission, personal aides to Lukashenko, police and prison officials, government members, the Director of the state television and Viktor Lukashenko, the son of dictator Alexander Lukashenko, and many more.

The EPP Group acquired this list in close cooperation with its partners and sources in Belarus. Its publication coincides with the deadline given by the Belarusian opposition to Lukashenko to step down.

A video published by the EPP Group on social media featuring the list of names says “Lukashenko is just one man. There are others who are complicit in his crimes.”

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