Press Releases EPP Group wants to ban dangerous chemicals

EPP Group wants to ban dangerous chemicals

The EPP Group wants to ban chemicals that threaten the health of Europeans.

“We must ban dangerous chemicals from situations where they are dangerous to humans and the environment. The health of European citizens must come first. We support the European Commission’s goals in achieving a toxic-free environment”, stated Peter Liese MEP, the EPP Group’s Spokesman for Health and the Environment, after the presentation of a new Chemical Strategy for Sustainability by the European Commission today.

“We must replace harmful chemicals that cause cancer, gene mutations, and other diseases and trigger serious side effects, from our environment. But we must always rely on science. We cannot allow a topic as serious as this to be politicised”, said Liese, explaining that the EU already has one of the strictest rules on chemicals in the world.

“Chemicals often have an image problem in public, even though they are an indispensable part of our daily lives. Many of the chemicals, which in certain situations can be dangerous, are useful in Europe’s green transition. Look for example at the production of wind turbine blades or electric car batteries, which actually make the Green Deal possible”, said Liese.

The new Chemical Strategy presented today is weaved into the EU Green Deal, the transition of Europe into a climate-friendly economy. For the EPP Group, the switch from policies to concrete actions when it comes to tackling both climate and health challenges, is key.

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