Press Releases EPP : Thomas Cook: more support needed for consumers and companies

EPP : Thomas Cook: more support needed for consumers and companies

Thomas Cook: more support needed for consumers and companies

The European Parliament has asked today for more support for sectors damaged by the bankruptcy of Thomas Cook, mainly the tourism industry, and more protection for the consumers and workers affected.

In a Resolution tabled on the initiative of the EPP Group and adopted today, the European Parliament also demands that the EU Institutions improve the different measures at European level to be implemented in case of a future similar crisis.

“This bankruptcy is causing problems not only in hotels and transport, but throughout the internal market, consumer trust and the economy in general. Therefore a true European strategy is necessary for tourism, a sector that represents more than 4% of the Union’s GDP, and almost 12% of total employment when considering its relationship with other sectors”, Rosa Estaràs MEP stated.

The adopted Resolution calls on the European Commission to use the EU financial instruments that can compensate for the harm caused to the sector and contribute to improving its competitiveness, and calls on the Member States affected to make full use of the possibilities of the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund (EGF).

The text also defends the adoption of European measures to prevent situations like the collapse of Thomas Cook from happening again in order to boost consumer protection and passenger rights.

“This crisis, which has affected 600,000 people who were travelling in many parts of the world, highlights the need to strengthen the rights of consumers in cases of bankruptcy, and to avoid their lack of protection. To achieve this objective, it is essential to improve the 2004 European legislation on the enforcement of air passenger rights and air carrier liability limits”, said Pablo Arias MEP.

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