Press Releases EU 2020 Budget – highest EP stance ever on climate change and youth

EU 2020 Budget – highest EP stance ever on climate change and youth

EU 2020 Budget – highest EP stance ever on climate change and youth

Today, in Plenary, the S&D Group pushed for the highest ever EU budget, focused on our priorities. Adding up to 3 billion euros more to the initial draft budget proposed by the Commission is what we need in order to supplement crucial priorities such as the fight against climate change, Erasmus+, migration, development or the youth employment initiative. Undoubtedly, tough negotiations will follow on the suggested 3 billion euro increase. This is why S&D Group members call on EU member states to step up and take financial responsibility.


Eider Gardiazabal Rubial, S&D spokeswoman on budget, stated:


“For 2020, the S&Ds have tried to get the most out of the EU budget by pushing to the maximum all the flexibility that the current MFF allows. Our priority is clear: supporting the fight against climate change and all the EU policies that have a real impact in citizens’ daily lives, EU regions and their cities and territories.”


Pierre Larrouturou, S&D Group negotiator on the file, added:


“The S&D Group has faced its responsibilities by improving the EU 2020 budget and using all the margins available under the current MFF to stand up for our priorities, notably climate investments, youth employment and education, migration and development.


“We hope that the Council will also face its responsibilities in the upcoming conciliation by doing the necessary efforts to reach its own commitments regarding investments in climate mitigation, but also on the other priorities.


“We also need to face it: the current MFF and EU 2020 budget still falls short of the major needs and challenges of our time. We need to step up our ambitions for the next MFF including through the adoption of new own resources to service human dignity and the protection of the planet.”

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