Press Releases EU must increase sanctions against Maduro regime

EU must increase sanctions against Maduro regime

EU must increase sanctions against Maduro regime

MEPs today strongly condemned the ongoing repression and violence in Venezuela calling for additional sanctions which target illegitimate state authorities’ assets abroad and those responsible for human rights breaches and repression. They also confirmed their full recognition of Juan Guaidó as the legitimate interim President of Venezuela and of the National Assembly, the only legitimate democratic body of Venezuela, and called for free, transparent and credible presidential elections as the only way to grant a peaceful solution to the emergency situation in this country.

“The EU must increase the list of sanctions against Nicolás Maduro and his accomplices who are causing the Venezuelan people so much harm”, said Esteban González Pons MEP, Vice-Chairman of the EPP Group in the European Parliament.

“Venezuela’s democracy is our democracy, Venezuela’s freedom is our freedom, Venezuela’s hunger should be our hunger, for decency and for values, and also because there are two million European citizens locked up and trapped with the Venezuelan people. If we really believe that being European is a matter of principle, let’s not leave Juan Guaidó or the Venezuelan people alone”, he added.

“How much must society suffer and how many people need to die before the experiment of socialism in the XXIst century comes to an end? The country is in a situation of total chaos and the repression goes on. We can’t stand by idly while witnessing the violation of human rights. The EU must condemn the irregular action of armed groups that intimidate civilians and legislators, and call for an end to repression against political leaders, journalists and members of the opposition such as Leopoldo López, Roberto Marrero and Juan Requesens”, added José Ignacio Salafranca MEP, EPP Group Deputy Spokesman in the Foreign Affairs Committee.

The document, tabled without the Socialists Group’s support, also reiterates Parliament’s position in favour of a peaceful solution for the country via free, transparent and credible presidential elections. The latter should be based on a time-framed calendar, fair conditions for all actors, including a neutral National Electoral Council, transparency and with the presence of credible international observation.

“The Socialist Group has clearly preferred to give Nicolás Maduro greater room for manoeuvre, preferring to leave the negotiating table rather than reject the influence of the Cuban regime and its agents in Venezuela”, concluded Salafranca.

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