Press Releases EU sets ambitious targets for cleaner trucks

EU sets ambitious targets for cleaner trucks

EU sets ambitious targets for cleaner trucks

The European Institutions reached an agreement last night for the first time limiting CO2 emissions from trucks.

The agreement reached late last night between the European Institutions sets CO2 emissions reduction targets for heavy duty vehicles for the first time. By 2030 emissions should be reduced by 30 percent.

“Europe is the global champion in producing the best trucks and buses. With this deal we have secured realistic targets for the manufacturers in the transformation to a low emission transport sector”, says Christofer Fjellner, the EPP Group’s lead MEP on the dossier.

From the start, is has been crucial for the EPP Group to achieve a deal that both protects our environment and at the same time keeps European manufacturers competitive.

“If we are to win the fight against climate change, Europe has to deliver policies that inspire others to follow. One cannot force innovation, like we’re trying to do with this deal by setting production goals for the manufacturers. I’m worried that we’re hurting competitiveness and thus few will be inspired to follow our example”, added Fjellner.

Lorries carry around 70% of freight transported over land and are crucial for the development of trade and commerce in Europe. However, even necessary transportation leads to emissions. Heavy-duty vehicles account for six percent of total EU emissions.

“Capping transport emissions is essential if we are to meet the EU reduction target of 40 percent until 2030 and fulfil Europe’s commitments to the Paris Climate Agreement”, concluded Fjellner.

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