Press Releases European Council: 1-year badge 2021 – accreditation is open

European Council: 1-year badge 2021 – accreditation is open

This badge is intended for journalists resident in Belgium and gives access, during the whole calendar year 2021, to the Council premises during summits and high-level meetings, as well as on regular working days.


As from the 1st January 2021 media representatives with UK nationality must meet the requirement of having a permanent residence in Belgium for at least 5 consecutive years, to be able to apply for the 1-year press badge.

Apply for 1-year badge

Application deadline: 5 March 2021 at 12:00


Before starting the online procedure please make sure to have at hand the following piece of information and documents:

  • The number of your valid identity document (national identity cards are only accepted for EU and EFTA nationals) or passport, as well as the issuing and expiry dates thereof
  • A scanned copy of your EU or Belgian press card, OR of the assignment letter signed by your editor-in-chief confirming that you are covering EU affairs during the current year.
  • A passport-type picture in .jpeg format (max. 500KB)
  • You will also be asked to print, sign and upload a form to give your authorisation to be security screened by the Belgian authorities. You will be able to download your consent form from your account.

Collection of badges

You will receive an automatic email to inform you once your application has been validated and the badge is ready to be collected.

1-year badges can be collected, on an individual basis only, at the JL main accreditation desk on working days. Please ensure you have your ID/passport when collecting the badge.

More information on the 1-year badge

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