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European Data Journalism Network

 European Data Journalism Network – EDJNet has been granted a second EU co-financing for carrying on with the coverage of European affairs from a data-driven perspective.

The European Data Journalism Network is an independent network of media outlets and data newsrooms producing and promoting data-driven coverage of European affairs in several languages. The network was set up in 2017 and it is currently made of 28 members based in 14 different EU countries.

The second phase of the project started on 1 March 2019 and will end on 30 April 2021. New partners have joined in. Among others, Deutsche Welle (Germany), Fundación Civio (Spain), Fondation Euractiv (Belgium),  as well as Datactivist (France) and Openpolis (Italy).

Drawing on the expertise of its partners, EDJNet will be committed to strengthening the impact of its action. The effort will be to become more and more effective in giving a local angle to European and global issues, as well as the other way round: looking at local issues with a European point of view. In a struggle to promote the open data culture, EDJnet will give a specific emphasis to add and make publicly available databases on evergreen issues (e.g. environment, health, gender and fundamental rights, access to justice) with the aim to become a reference point for journalists covering European affairs through data. For an example, see

EDJNet works as a hub for transnational journalism, collaboration, and learning, with partner newsrooms at the very centre of its activity.

Through the joint work of its members, EDJNet –

  • Produces data-driven investigations, in-depth articles, explanatory stories and features, as well as infographics, videos and short reviews in up to 12 languages.
  • Developes automated tools to increase newsrooms’ productivity on European issues
  • Curates existing data-driven resources, tools, stories and news to encourage users to follow EU affairs
  • Provides tips and advice on data-driven reporting
  • Engages in news co-production and content sharing with other media outlets by setting up editorial partnerships and content syndication.

The content produced by EDJNet is available for free on its multilingual and open source website and on EDJNet partners’ own website.


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