Press Releases European Political Community: Press remarks by the High Representative/Vice-President Josep Borrell before the meeting in Granada

European Political Community: Press remarks by the High Representative/Vice-President Josep Borrell before the meeting in Granada



Member States are discussing now. You know that for the time being, we have not agreed on any concrete actions against Azerbaijan, but they will continue doing that depending on the evolution of the events. 

Q. You will have a meeting with [President of Serbia, Aleksandar] Vucic and President [of Kosovo, Vjosa] Osmani. You said “you hope” you will have a meeting, does that mean it is not scheduled yet? You are not sure if you can ease the tensions?

Meetings are done to ease the tensions. President Osmani will be here and President Vučić also. In Chisinau, we sat together, we discussed about it, and today we will do the same thing. But the situation is much worse today than at the Chisinau time.

Q. We are waiting for the Enlargement package, we are from Georgia. We would like to ask you about Georgia. What are your expectations and main message before publishing the Enlargement package?

We have to wait for the [European] Commission’s assessment on the package. I cannot anticipate what the Commission is going to say. As you know, I was in Georgia some days ago and I think my visit was good to push for the development of a stronger accession process. I am optimistic, but I cannot tell you what the assessment will be.

Q. What is the outcome of the Summit? What would you say it is a success? [inaudible]

This format is a way of enlarging the scope. We cannot talk just among the European Member States because the world is much bigger, much wider. And in our neighbourhood, there are 10 candidates, and we have to meet with them, and engage with them. There are others who are still not candidates, and [they] also have to be taken into account. This is the whole recipe of the European Political Community: “We are not members of the Union but we are part of the [European] Political Community. The United Kingdom will also be here.  

Q. [Inaudible first question – on migration deal]. Y una segunda pregunta también. Le acabamos de preguntar al Presidente del Gobierno [Pedro Sánchez], usted que siempre habla claro, ¿qué opina de la amnistía si se produce? 

Sobre el acuerdo de migración, es una buena noticia que se hayan llegado ya a acuerdos en el seno del Consejo de Ministros. Ahora se trata de que estos acuerdos los acepte, lo incorpore a la acción que hay que tomar en el Consejo Europeo. Sé que hay todavía problemas, por parte de algunos países, pero este es un momento decisivo para que Europa adopte acuerdos operativos para hacer frente a los flujos de migración cada vez mayores que pesan sobre el continente y en particular sobre algunos países. 

Este va a ser uno de los grandes temas. Cómo prepararnos para la ampliación y cómo hacer frente a los movimientos migratorios.

Y sobre las cuestiones de interés nacional me va usted a permitir que considere que este no es el momento ni el lugar para entrar en ellos. Tiempo va a haber. Gracias.

Q. The President of Azerbaijan Aliyev decided to boycott his participation to the meeting of the European Political Community, and Erdogan also. My question is: What do you think about this decision? What is the near future of Azerbaijan [inaudible]?

Es una pena que Azerbaiyán no esté aquí. Y es una pena que Turquía – que es el principal país que apoya a Azerbaiyán – tampoco esté aquí. Por lo tanto, no vamos a poder hablar aquí de algo tan grave como el hecho que más de 100.000 personas hayan tenido que abandonar, de prisa y corriendo, sus casas, huyendo de un acto de fuerza militar.

Condenamos los actos de fuerza militar para resolver los conflictos. Ayudamos a estos refugiados y espero que, en Bruselas, pueda haber reuniones entre Armenia y Azerbaiyán sobre todo para evitar que el conflicto vaya a más y para estabilizar políticamente Armenia.

Q. Can you tell us whether you are worried about the United States cutting support to Ukraine?

Well, I was in Kyiv some days ago, just at the moment when we knew that the US Congress had not included the support to Ukraine on the big deal about the budget, in order to avoid the shutdown. That was certainly not expected, and certainly not good news. 

But I hope [that] it is not going to be a definite position of the United States. Ukraine needs the support of the European Union – which is sure that they have it, and we will increase it – but also the support of the United States. My hope, the hope of the Ukrainians and I think of everybody that does not want Putin winning this war, is to look for the ways for the United States to retake this issue and continue supporting Ukraine.

Q. Can Europe fill the gap left by the United States?

Well, certainly, Europe cannot replace the United States. Europe is increasing its support. On the table, there are proposals for €50 billion for the civilian and economic side and €20 billion for the military side. We did that before, waiting for the United States to take decisions. Certainly, we can do more, but the [support of the] United States is something imprescindible [indispensable] for the support to Ukraine.

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