On Thursday, 18 April, at Press Club Brussels Europe, Thessaloniki Pride, in collaboration with ELMA (European LGBTQIA+ Media Association) and Brussels Pride held a press conference, marking the onset of EuroPride 2024 and analysing its importance in the light of the upcoming European election and its aftermath. At this significant event, representatives from Thessaloniki Pride were joined by European Parliament Vice-President Dimitris Papadimoulis and Silvan Agius, cabinet expert of Equality Commissioner Helena Dalli, who both stressed the importance of the event for Greece, the region and the whole European Union.

Vice-President Papadimoulis, responsible for gender, equality and diversity at the European Parliament, stated in an assertive tone: “Our clear message of the European Parliament […], based on many resolutions voted from our plenary with very large majorities of 70 or 80%, is zero tolerance to any discrimination against the LGBTIQ+ community all across the EU” and continued: “We fully support EuroPride 2024 in Thessaloniki and me, as a Greek, I give also my personal full support to that. It is important to show that respect of the rights […] and our efforts to be respected spread across all the European Union ”.

On his behalf, Mr. Agius conveyed Commissioner Dalli’s commitment to attend EuroPride in Thessaloniki, as she attaches a lot of importance to supporting every EuroPride during her term. He pointed out the adoption of the first LGBTIQ+ Equality Strategy by the European Commission and the subsequent important advances, but he also acknowledged the gaps: “Hate speech and hate crime […] are on the rise also and we have observed it systematically also around EuroPride […], because EuroPride is still a contested space for some and there is a pushback against LGBTIQ+ equality in the EU”. Mr. Agius concluded by urging member states to adopt national LGBTIQ+ action plans and expressed the hope that progress observed in Greece recently will spill over to adjacent countries.

The president of the European LGBTQI+ Media Association, Giannis Papagiannopoulos said: “ELMA is an organisation of media that aims to enhance cooperation between different media of the LGBTQI+ communities, as well as the sharing of information that lie in the core of democratic societies. We also aim to support initiatives in European Countries where LGBTQI+ freedoms are not taken for granted and LGBTQI+ still face major discrimination and threats. For us it is important to understand the privilege that we have and through this privilege support and cooperate in order to make Europe really safe and diverse for our communities. Greece has recently voted for equal marriage and although it has taken many steps towards LGBTQI+ equality and inclusion, our communities still face discrimination and even violence. At the same time though, this course is a beacon of hope for the South-Eastern part of Europe! That is why we consider it of particular importance to highlight this year’s EUROPRIDE in Thessaloniki and call everyone to support this organisation and the Pride itself.”

In the main part of the press conference Apostolis Karabairis, Managing Director of Thessaloniki EuroPride 2024 and Lio Emmanouil, Project Coordinator of Thessaloniki EuroPride 2024 gave a full view of the importance, aims and challenges of the organisation of EuroPride in Thessaloniki along with the main outline of what we should expect.

In Particular Mr. Apostolis Karabairis stated: “By hosting EuroPride in Thessaloniki, we aim to create positive narratives and inspire confidence in people, particularly human rights advocates, that change is achievable across Europe, even in regions like ours that have historically faced challenges in progressing towards equality.  […] At the same time, we cannot ignore the concerning trend of regression in various countries across Europe, including even some that have been traditionally seen as tolerant towards the LGBTI+ community. Today, the rise of the alt-right discourse poses a significant threat to our movement’s advancement. While aggressive and blatant homophobia is increasingly marginalised, a more insidious form that feigns acceptance of same-sex relationships, particularly those that follow the homonormative paradigm, is gaining traction, under the guise of being non-radical. This subtle form of discrimination undermines the fundamental humanist principles of inclusivity and self-identification. And what is more, it disproportionately affects the most vulnerable members of our community”

Lio Emmanouil continued: “Through our motto “Persevere, Progress, Prosper” Thessaloniki aspires to act as an amplifier for all of our voices to be heard and ensure that equality is achieved in all parts of Europe. Our aim is to promote inclusion through solidarity. It is of paramount importance to act in unity, when advocating for Human Rights so that we can ensure that the social impact we strive for will be vocalised and spread all over the world”.

And what should we expect from this year’s Thessaloniki EUROPRIDE 2024?  Lio Emmanouil gave us a first view that is extremely promising: “First of all we will have the pride village as we would like to call it. There visitors can find lots of organisations and various institutions hosted that they can interact with.   Throughout the days of EuroPride (21-29 June 2024) there will be various screenings in the venues scattered through Thessaloniki, giving the opportunity to all visitors to be able to enjoy the documentaries or movies since we believe that EuroPride is a perfect opportunity to showcase our community’s cultural footprint. One of the most important parts of EuroPride in Thessaloniki is the Human Rights Conference, which will take place in Olympion, at Aristotelous square in the centre of Thessaloniki with numerous panels of diverse themes, so that we promote a healthy and much needed dialogue regarding LGBTQI+ rights and intersectional discriminations that a lot of us still encounter. There will also be a plethora of parallel events to ensure that every visitor has a chance to find something of interest and that every person feels seen and included.  And the fun part last (but not least). We will have 4 concerts on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday!  Saturday the 29th of June will mark the peak of our festival. We will proudly march along the city, reclaiming our right to walk to be our authentic true selves!”

Closing the Press Conference the EUROPRIDE 2024 organisers heartily invited everyone to join “in this grand event and celebrate this year’s EuroPride in beautiful Thessaloniki!”


Photos from the Press Conference (credits: ANTIVIRUS MAGAZINE)

Useful photos and materials for EUROPRIDE 2024


  • 21-29 June 2024, Parade on Saturday 29 June
  • Approximately 50.000 participants from across Europe
  • Main venue on the scenic waterfront
  • A program with several events for all tastes
  • Info at and at EuroPride2024 on social media

The program with include:

  • Opening concert by the Thessaloniki State Symphony Orchestra
  • the Human Rights Conference, on 26-28 June, at Olympion in Aristotle Sq.
  • 4 concert days on the main stage at the waterfront promenade, on 26-29 June
  • the EuroPride Fair, on 26-29 June, with info kiosks by participating organisations, companies and public bodies at Xarchakos Park, YMCA Sq.
  • film screenings and art exhibitions all during the festival on Pier 1
  • theatre plays and dance performances
  • culinary experience
  • queer-themed walking tours and boat tours
  • sport events
  • interactive street games
  • parties in several nightlife hotspots around the city

Forthcoming announcements will include artists, performances, keynote speakers and more.

For more info on the program, please visit

In order to plan your visit, please visit

EuroPride is Europe’s most significant LGBTI+ event and has taken place since 1992. This is the first EuroPride in Greece and only the second time it has taken place in south Eastern Europe. EuroPride (a registered trademark) is licensed by the European Pride Organisers Association (see

For more information the upcoming EuroPride 2024, please visit, send e-mail at

EuroPride 2024 on social media:

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