Press Releases FEBELUX – RestartMICE: The events sector and its M.I.C.E. experts have carried out works that proves their ability to manage the COVID-19 risk … Why are we not listened to?

FEBELUX – RestartMICE: The events sector and its M.I.C.E. experts have carried out works that proves their ability to manage the COVID-19 risk … Why are we not listened to?

On 26 April 2020, OPSMAN Consulting, a company authorised by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, active in risk management for the safety of people; in particular in the institutional events sector, took the initiative to bring together a group of experts, all active in the management of MICE (B2B) events… the name #restartMICE was born.

All their works have been communicated to the different governmental decision makers. Their goal is to scientifically prove the capacity of the event industry to understand risk, but also to develop efficient tools to manage this risk!

In October, when the second shutdown of the events sector was announced, #restartMICE contacted the different decision makers to propose to organise work groups and to develop a concrete and efficient restart plan… not when, but how! Not only a sanitary protocol, but also a plan with social, economic and legal components!

In February 2021, faced with the inertia of political decision-makers in wanting to organise case studies, #restartMICE took the initiative, by financing the realisation of a case study, in the framework of a MICE event. Is it possible to organise events in enclosed spaces, taking into account the “aerosol” risk? Several weeks of testing, scientific analysis and drafting work led to the publication of an updated operational guide, including the results of the first Belgian study: #restartMICE – Yes, we can! .

Results of the study, once again, communicated to all decision makers in the country. Once again … we had to regret that the results of the study were not taken into account! Based on the following facts:

  • No consideration of the scientific work carried out by the MICE experts!
  • No consideration of their request for the definition of a global restart plan; allowing the sector to prepare its future!
  • No adequacy of subsidies; taking into account the impacts of a crisis management policy which forces the actors of the sector to commit economic suicide!

The #restartMICE group of experts, supported by the Live Communication & Events Federation (FEBELUX), decided to take the lead by organising a meeting with the press on 1 April at 10.30 am. The “deafness” of the decision-makers also led us to personally go and deposit copies of their study at the Prime Minister’s Office and the Minister of Health’s Office; this 1st April at 1pm!

The urgency is there … the actors of the sector are dying, for lack of subsidies, of listening and of perspectives! It is becoming vital for MICE players to have solutions that will allow them to survive … while guaranteeing the health and safety of citizens! We are available, as we have always been … Our work is freely available to all, so now let’s get to work and make sure that the sector has a safe and efficient future!

The decision of the Court of First Instance of Brussels, taken on 31 March, confirms that the current measures are illegal … and that their implementation is a mismanagement! For many months, we have been alerting the decision makers on the incoherence of the management and treatment of this crisis … Indeed, how can we accept that entire sectors are condemned to economic suicide, for lack of listening and evidence of the real impacts of their activities on the pandemic?

The impossible only makes sense until proven otherwise; and unless you consider a sector of 80,000 families and 3,000 businesses as pandemic adjustment variables, the work done by #restartMICE is proof enough of the sector’s ability to understand and manage the risk! Fish cannot live without water …

The sector will not survive without solutions!

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