Press Releases FoodDrinkEurope launches Action Plan on Sustainable Food Systems

FoodDrinkEurope launches Action Plan on Sustainable Food Systems

The world is facing environmental, economic and social challenges on a scale never seen before. The Covid pandemic and the war in Ukraine have added a new layer of difficulties with a global economy under strain, energy prices soaring and food supply chains under pressure.

Never before has there been a greater need to build resilient and sustainable food systems which can ride out these challenges, ensure food security and protect the planet for generations to come.

It is in this context that FoodDrinkEurope has developed its transformative Action Plan on Sustainable Food Systems.

Cracking the Code

The Action Plan is part of FoodDrinkEurope’s work to contribute to the EU Code of Conduct on Responsible Food Business and Marketing Practices, one of the first deliverables of the EU Farm to Fork Strategy.

The Code provides a series of aspirational objectives and indicative actions towards sustainable food systems – this Action Plan reaffirms our support for the European Green Deal and Farm to Fork objectives and brings the Code’s objectives to life within our association.

We’re listening

The Action Plan has been shaped by an extensive 10-month listening exercise – FoodDrinkEurope’s #FoodFuture campaign – which engaged over 2,000 people and included in-depth conversations about the future of food with over 100 stakeholders, including policymakers, civil society, businesses and consumers.

We discussed the urgent need to tackle major societal challenges in front of us and outlined opportunities for FoodDrinkEurope to provide bold leadership.

We’re acting

Central to the Action Plan are 15 core commitments which will form the basis of work with our members and partners in their aspiration to help meet a series of ambitious targets. It marks a transformative shift in the way FoodDrinkEurope operates as an association, recognising our role as an agent for change for the European food and drink sector to help achieve sustainable food systems.

The Action Plan is the beginning of a new journey, and we look forward to hearing, learning and working together with anyone interested in our common bid towards making our food systems fit for the future.

Only together

The development of partnerships and an enabling environment for investments are underlying themes of the Action Plan. When policymakers, civil society, the private sector and consumers come together for a common goal and the right conditions are in place, the speed of change can be fast.

We have got no time to lose. With constructive relationships and the right policy environment and infrastructure, Europe’s food and drink businesses can deliver truly green growth, while producing quality food and drinks for a growing population.

A sustainable mindset

While this Action Plan focuses on FoodDrinkEurope’s external role towards more sustainable food and drink, we also believe that sustainability starts at home. I am therefore proud to include our “More than Food” project in the Action Plan, where our staff work in the local community, take action for the good of our planet and ensure we support each other’s values, health and wellbeing.

We look forward to working with you for a better #FoodFuture.

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