Press Releases General Secretariat: Forward look: 21 March – 3 April 2022

General Secretariat: Forward look: 21 March – 3 April 2022

Overview of the main topics and events at the Council of EU and European Council for the coming fortnight

Agriculture and Fisheries Council, 21 March 2022

Agriculture and fisheries ministers will meet in Brussels to discuss the market situation in the wake of the Ukraine invasion, trading standards for agri-food products, and member states’ strategic plans under the new common agricultural policy (CAP)

Foreign Affairs Council and Foreign Affairs Council (Defence), 21 March 2022

The Foreign Affairs Council will meet in three successive configurations (foreign affairs ministers only, foreign affairs ministers and ministers of defence jointly, and ministers of defence only) to discuss the Russian aggression against Ukraine, the situation in Mali and the Strategic Compass

General Affairs Council, 22 March 2022

Preparations for the March European Council and a public debate on the statute and funding of European political parties will be on the agenda of the General Affairs Council on 22 March

European Council, 24-25 March 2022

EU leaders will discuss energy, COVID-19, security and defence, external relations and the European Semester

Extraordinary Justice and Home Affairs Council, 28 March 2022

Home affairs ministers will discuss European coordination for the reception of Ukrainian refugees

Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council (Health), 29 March 2022

The meeting of health ministers will look at the European strategy on vaccine solidarity and the European response to rare diseases

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