Press Releases Gymnich: Informal meeting of EU Foreign Ministers on Saturday in Brussels

Gymnich: Informal meeting of EU Foreign Ministers on Saturday in Brussels

High Representative Josep Borrell will chair an informal meeting of EU Foreign Ministers on Saturday (called also Gymnich). The meeting will be hosted by the Belgian Presidency of the EU Council in the Egmont Palace in Brussels.

The ministerial discussions will be preceded by an informal breakfast on the situation in the Sahel region.

In the framework of the main meeting, ministers will start with a session on EU-Africa relations, to exchange views on EU’s approach to the countries of the continent, support and partnership to strengthen mutual cooperation, representative international rules-based order, contribute to solving regional crises and reinforcing stability,

Ministers will then discuss EU’s long term strategy for Ukraine reflecting various aspects of the conflict and EU’s assistance to Ukraine’s defence and on its accession path.

The last thematic session will be dedicated to EU’s relations with Turkey. Ministers are scheduled to discuss the way forward in building a partnership with Turkey based on the mutual interest and potential for cooperation, as well as reflecting domestic and regional challenges.

The High Representative will make a short statement to the media before the meeting at app. 8:45. Press conference with High Representative Josep Borrell and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belgium Hadja Lahbib is scheduled for app. 16:00.

For more logistical information, see the website of the Belgian Presidency.

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