Press Releases Haiti: Statement by the Spokesperson on the UN sanctions against gang leaders

Haiti: Statement by the Spokesperson on the UN sanctions against gang leaders

The European Union welcomes the resolution on Haiti adopted by the United Nations Security Council last Friday (21 October), which provides a framework for measures against gang leaders in Haiti and their financiers, who are directly or indirectly responsible for the current security and humanitarian crisis in the country.  The sanctions regime established by the UN will be swiftly transposed into EU law.

The EU is extremely concerned about the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Haiti, which has now reached unsustainable levels, with lack of fuel, medicines, food and water. As a consequence, public institutions, schools and hospitals become dysfunctional, and cases of cholera are increasing in Port-au-Prince and other provinces.

The EU regrets to see that, while a humanitarian disaster is unfolding and protests have been co-opted by gangs, degenerating into violence, looting and territorial gains for armed gangs, political actors have so far failed to find a political solution to the crisis. The EU therefore urges all political actors to constructively engage in meaningful negotiations to overcome the current political crisis and its security and humanitarian consequences.

The EU is a longstanding partner of Haiti and it remains engaged in supporting Haiti’s stabilisation, including by contributing to the strengthening the National Police of Haiti.

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