Press Releases Honduras: Statement by the Spokesperson on the general elections

Honduras: Statement by the Spokesperson on the general elections

Honduras conducted general elections on 28 November. The EU welcomes the largely calm and peaceful atmosphere in which election day has taken place. The high voter turnout showed a strong commitment by the Honduran population to the democratic process.

Following an invitation by the Government of Honduras, the European Union deployed an Election Observation Mission (EOM) to undertake an independent, impartial and technical assessment of all aspects of the electoral process, following on findings and recommendations from previous EOMs in 2013 and 2017.

The Mission presented a preliminary statement on the elections this Tuesday indicating that the election day was largely calm and the transmission of preliminary election results has run smoothly so far.

At the same time, the run-up to the general elections was marked by unprecedented levels of political violence and intense polarisation. As stated in its statement, the Mission observed a number of deficiencies in the institutional management and preparation of the elections.

After this preliminary assessment, the Mission will stay in Honduras until the end of the electoral process and will later publish a final report including recommendations to improve future electoral processes, based on international and regional commitments signed by Honduras.

The EU will continue to work in partnership with Honduras to support its sustainable development and the stabilisation of its democracy and rule of law. In this context, the EU will also explore possibilities to provide support in addressing the outstanding recommendations of the current and earlier EOMs to strengthen the framework for future elections.


The Preliminary Statement the EU EOM Honduras

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