Press Releases Invitation letter by President Charles Michel to the members of the European Council

Invitation letter by President Charles Michel to the members of the European Council

Dear colleagues,

I would like to invite you to our special European Council meeting on 1 February to pursue discussions on some of the most pressing issues affecting us.

First and foremost, the agreement on the mid-term revision of our Multiannual Financial Framework. At our last meeting in December, 26 Leaders firmly supported a balanced negotiating box which took into account a clear set of main priorities – support for Ukraine, management of migration and its external dimension, support for the Western Balkans and our response to natural disasters. This negotiating box sets the stage for finalising an agreement at 27. Securing agreement is vital for our credibility – and not least for our commitment to provide steadfast support to Ukraine. The onus lies squarely on us to find a solution and to deliver.

Given the circumstances, we will also take this opportunity to further urgently address all aspects of our military assistance to Ukraine. This includes the delivery of ammunition, in line with our March 2023 European Council conclusions, and adjusting relevant EU instruments to deliver aid faster, while complementing bilateral efforts. To achieve this, we have to continue our donations, adapt orders and place new ones – which will also boost our European defence industry.

The dramatic events in the Middle East demand our utmost focus. All hostages detained by Hamas have to be released without any pre-conditions. Our discussion should be framed around a number of key issues. In light of worrying regional developments, we need to address security issues, continue encouraging restraint and discuss measures to prevent further regional escalation, especially in the Red Sea. In addition, we must urgently contribute to remedying the devastating humanitarian situation in Gaza. Lastly, we should discuss how to revive the political process for a two-state solution – the only viable option that can bring sustainable peace for both Israelis and Palestinians and enhanced regional security. Overall, our efforts should aim at ensuring that international law and international humanitarian law are upheld by all.

Our meeting on Thursday will start at 10:00. I look forward to seeing you in Brussels.

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