Press Releases Jordan: Remarks by High Representative Josep Borrell ahead of the EU-Jordan Association Council

Jordan: Remarks by High Representative Josep Borrell ahead of the EU-Jordan Association Council

Good morning,

It is the first time that an Association Council is being held outside Brussels [or Luxembourg], outside the premises of the European Union. And we wanted to do that for the first time here in Jordan, in order to enhance our strong partnership.

We will sign the [Partnership] Priorities [on which] we will continue working – water will be one of the most important ones, to build a desalination station and a conveyor from Aqaba to Amman.

You know very well that Jordan is the second country in the world with the most important scarcities in water. So, if you want development, you need water. We will bring water.

And, secondly, the [Middle East] Peace Process. Jordan is a country [with] which [it] is absolutely necessary to work together to try to break this [current] stalemate.

We have to take care also of the refugees. Last month, I chaired the Conference [on supporting the Future of Syria and the region] in Brussels, where [over] €6 billion were pledged. Jordan is doing an incredible effort of solidarity with the Syrian refugees. [It hosts] over 670,000 [Syrian refugees], a lot.

We know what are refugees in Europe today, because from Ukraine, more than 6 million people in one month went through the European borders. So, we know what does it mean to take care of the refugees and I want to praise the enormous generosity of the Jordanian people, but you will be supported with [results of] this pledging conference.


Q. Are you going to talk about the reflection of the Ukraine war on the Middle East, specifically on Jordan?

Yes, certainly.

But allow me to say one thing which has nothing to do with Jordan. I want to praise the Danish people and congratulate the Danish people, because yesterday they voted and expressed a clear will to join the European Union defence [policy].

The Danes were out of this policy and [are] now coming into. Remember that Sweden and Finland are becoming members of NATO. And Denmark is becoming member of the Defence Union inside the European Union. It will make us stronger in a moment in which we have to face the barbaric attack of Russia against Ukraine.

And I want also to praise Jordan, which has a clear stance against this invasion, voting against the Russian invasion in Ukraine. This makes us closer. We will work closely since we share the same posture, the same attitude of defending the sovereignty of the people in the case of the Russian aggression against Ukraine.

Q. Is there a plan for Lebanon? For supporting Lebanon after the elections?

Yes, certainly. Lebanon is also a big concern for us. We will talk about it.


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