Press Releases Moving to the next generation: New Chair and Vice Chair for the ETIP Bioenergy Steering Committee

Moving to the next generation: New Chair and Vice Chair for the ETIP Bioenergy Steering Committee

Press release 21 March

Moving to the next generation: New Chair and Vice Chair for the ETIP Bioenergy Steering Committee

Next generation biofuels is a key topic for ETIP Bioenergy. Now there is also a next generation of ETIP Bioenergy leadership. We are delighted to announce that Patrik Klintbom from RISE Viktoria, Sweden, has been elected as the new Steering Committee Chair. The Steering Committee elected Patrik unanimously at its meeting on 13 March 2018. Patrik will replace Ingvar Landälv who has been Chair of ETIP Bioenergy since June 2016. An active Vice Chair since 2012, Ingvar has been a great value to the platform during this period. His consistently exceptional engagement and contribution helped to develop the focus and membership of ETIP Bioenergy. We would like to take the chance and thank Ingvar Landälv for his enthusiastic and very professional commitment.

Patrik Klintbom had been elected Vice Chair of the platform during the last Steering Committee Meeting in October 2017 and he used the past months to get acquainted with the tasks of the leadership. We wish him a good start as Chair of ETIP Bioenergy. The Steering Committee elected also a new Vice Chair, Antti Arasto from VTT Technical Research Centre Finland, unanimously. He will replace Markku Karlsson who was a founding member of EBTP, the predecessor of ETIP Bioenergy, and has been Vice Chair for the last 6 years. The strong engagement of Markku has been as much valuable to the Platform as the engagement of Ingvar. We would also like to thank Markku for his commitment as Vice Chair. Antti will take over as Vice Chair from now on and we wish him a very good start as well.

Ingvar Landälv and Markku Karlsson have been engaged in the ETIP Bioenergy right from the start and help to build up and develop the platform over all these years. The ETIP Bioenergy is grateful for the very long and intensive collaboration during all this year. We wish both of them good luck for their future.

Career and Profile of Patrik Klintbom

After 16 years in different positions at Volvo, Patrik Klintbom joined RISE Viktoria (Research Institutes of Sweden) as Senior Researcher Sustainable Mobility in July 2017. RISE is the Swedish Research Institute and innovation partner. With 2,300 employees, RISE is an independent, state-owned research institute that offers unique expertise, about 100 testbeds and demonstration facilities, instrumental in future-proofing technologies, products, and services. In international collaboration with industry, academia and the public sector, RISE ensures the competitiveness of the business community and contributes to a sustainable society.

Career and Profile of Antti Arasto

Antti Arasto, D.Sc. (Tech), is Research Manager Sustainable energy and chemical technologies at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. Antti is expert in techno-economic assessment, especially related to bioenergy, biofuels use and conversion, biorefinery and carbon capture and storage technologies. Antti’s expertise in energy sector extends from research, engineering and techno- economics to power plant construction and commissioning.

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