Press Releases Pakistan is the Top Investment-Friendly destination in the Region

Pakistan is the Top Investment-Friendly destination in the Region

Pakistan is considered to be the top investment friendly destination in the region with its investor friendly policies. The Ambassador of Pakistan to Belgium, Luxembourg and the European Union Zaheer A. Janjua said this in a virtual meeting with a leading Belgian manufacturing company Ontex Group, today in Brussels.

Ambassador Zaheer A. Janjua said that the Government of Pakistan is already offering a number of incentives to foreign investors and is prepared to facilitate them further.

He said Pakistan is gaining trust of the foreign investor as a lucrative investment destination, due to improvement in regulatory environment and by promoting private investment across the country under its economic reform agenda

The Ambassador highlighted that Pakistan’s Government has identified Special Economic Zones (SEZs) with lucrative investment opportunities. Similarly, Export Processing Zones are being established to increase exports from Pakistan.

The President AMEAA (Americas, Middle East, Africa and Asia) of the Ontex Group Mr. Armando Amselem briefed the Ambassador about company’s existing investment portfolio in Pakistan. Mr Amselem also shared his company’s plans to enhance its production facility by investing a further 10 million Euros.

Ontex is a leading manufacturer of disposal hygiene products for children and adults, cosmetic products and medical gloves with production facility in Karachi. Ontex Group is broadening its portfolio with new product lines and export to Indonesia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Maldives.

The Ambassador noted that due to Pakistan’s investor friendly policies many European companies operating in Pakistan are earning many fold higher profits as compared to their numbers globally. Accordingly, there have been an upsurge in investments from many Multinational corporations in Pakistan in the recent past.

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