Press Releases Parliament votes to protect both farmers and the environment

Parliament votes to protect both farmers and the environment

The EPP Group welcomes the outcome of today’s final vote on the planned reform of the EU’s agricultural policy. “We adopted a solution today that will protect both farmers and the environment in the future”, said Herbert Dorfmann MEP, EPP Group Spokesman for Agriculture and Rural Development.

“With today’s vote, the Parliament has adopted a strong balanced position for a good start for negotiations with the EU Member States. We are glad to ascertain that a majority in the House respected the compromises found and didn’t cave in to the pressure of email campaigners and social media pundits”, Dorfmann said.

“Our goal in this reform is to have a stronger and evermore sustainable farming sector in Europe that can guarantee high-quality food for all Europeans at affordable prices. We want to protect millions of family-run farms all over Europe, to keep rural communities alive and to secure jobs in the agri-food sector. This is a pure EPP reform”, Dorfmann stressed.

“The EPP Group in the European Parliament is and will continue to be the voice and defender of European farmers and our rural communities. We see agriculture as a strategic sector”, Dorfmann concluded.

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