Press Releases Parliamentary elections in Georgia: Statement of the Press Club Tbilisi Europe

Parliamentary elections in Georgia: Statement of the Press Club Tbilisi Europe

We are concerned about the developments after the parliamentary elections in Georgia and particularly concerned about the disruptive activities against media representatives.

It was obvious, that despite several facts of threats, bribery and other illegal actions before and during the election days, citizens of Georgia have shown the highest level of civic responsibility and 1,970,540 people have voted.

According to the results of the Parallel Vote Tabulation (PVT) conducted by the International Society for Fair Elections And Democracy (ISFED), they are significantly different from the results of the elections, announced by the National Election Administration (NEA). Therefore, opposition concludes that the government rigged the parliamentary elections.

Consiquently, opposition parties have signed commitment not recognizing results of the elections. Part of the opposition demanding to conduct new elections. Another part is demanding to re-count the votes. All agree that due to the fact that the NEA of Georgia no longer has the trust of significantly big part of the citizens of Georgia, the process of counting the results and/ or new elections should be conducted under new management of the NEA in a transparent manner – with the participation of political parties, international and local non-governmental organizations.

As for today, November 4, 2020, every hour the confrontation between the police and the activists in the street grows. The situation can get into a dead end.

The Press Club Tbilisi-Europe is closely monitoring the post-election period in Georgia, is concerned about the current situation and hopes that the Government and opposition parties will be wise enough to avoid a deep political crisis in the country.

Vasil Tamazashvili

Press Club Tbilisi Europe

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