Press Releases Peru/EU: Joint press release on opening a new chapter to strengthen their bilateral relations

Peru/EU: Joint press release on opening a new chapter to strengthen their bilateral relations

Today, High Representative/Vice-President Josep Borrell and Foreign Minister of Peru César Landa signed in Brussels the Memorandum of Understanding on an Agenda of enhanced political and sectoral dialogue and cooperation for the next decade, and the EU-Peru Framework Participation Agreement for the participation of Peru in European Union crisis management operations. Both documents highlight our intention to strengthen EU-Peru longstanding relations.

High Representative/Vice-President Josep Borrell said: “Peru is a key like-minded partner of the European Union. Today, we strengthen and modernise the framework of our bilateral relationship, where we open new chapters of regular dialogues on we are committed to continue working together to tackle global challenges such as the fight against key metadata such as, the green transition, cybersecurity or illicit drug trafficking.. With the Framework Participation Agreement, Peru will be able to participate in EU crisis management missions and operations”.

The Foreign Minister of Peru, César Landa, declared: “The European Union is and has always been a partner and a friend of Peru. By signing these two new instruments, we reaffirm our shared will to continue strengthening our cooperation. The Memorandum of Understanding will allow us to reinforce our political dialogue and deepen our cooperation ties on social, environmental, anti-drugs, and science and innovation issues. Also, this Memorandum contains the mutual commitment to move towards a comprehensive political agreement in the future. For its part, the Participation Framework Agreement constitutes an excellent platform to cooperate in a new field such as the EU’s crisis management operations, in which Peru may contribute voluntarily, according to its capacities and under the Charter of the United Nations”. 

The Memorandum of Understanding identifies six priorities to guide the development of EU-Peru relations:

  1. the economic, social and digital agendas in the Republic of Peru and the European Union;
  2. the environmental agenda including the fight against climate change, the protection of biodiversity and the promotion of circular economy;
  3. the human rights and democracy agenda, including the strengthening of the democratic institutions; 
  4. the security and defence agenda including the fight against transnational organised crime and the active participation of the Republic of Peru in EU crisis management operations and missions;
  5. the fight against illicit drug cultivation and trafficking and mitigation of the negative consequences on human beings, society, and environment;
  6. solidarity around the migratory crisis, in particular of Venezuelan refugees and its impact on Peru and the region.

In this context, we announced a new EU contribution of EUR 14 million to support Peru’s Green transition agenda. The project on ‘Sustainable Business for a circular Inclusive Economy” is at the core of the Team Europe Initiative for Circular Transition elaborated in close coordination with EU Member States to step-up the transformative impact on greening Peru’s economic system. Commissioner for International Partnerships Jutta Urpilainen declared “this project will serve to strengthen our partnership in international initiatives related to circular economy, biodiversity and sustainable Amazon value chain development and will promote deforestation-free supply chains. These are perfect examples of what Peru and the EU want to achieve together under the Memorandum of Understanding signed today”.



The EU has long-standing relations with Peru. Milestones include the 2009 EU-Peru Memorandum of Understanding, the 2013 Trade Agreement and a short-term visa waiver agreement (2016).

The EU is Peru’s first foreign direct investor, with € 15 billion in direct investments (stocks).  It is also the third trade partner after the US and China, bilateral trade in goods amounting to € 10 billion, and improving since pre-pandemic levels.

Likewise, Peru is among the 5 main exporters of organic products to the European Union and has diversified its exports to the EU since the signing of the 2013 Trade Agreement.

Peru is a leading country in Latin America in international peace and security commitments. It has participated in numerous United Nations peace operations since 1958.  Currently, Peru contributes in five UN peacekeeping missions around the world.

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