Press Releases PLastic Odyssey: Busting 4 Myths About Plastic Pollution

PLastic Odyssey: Busting 4 Myths About Plastic Pollution

To celebrate World Ocean Day, Plastic Odyssey publishes a report on the four most widespread myths about plastic pollution, written by Simon BERNARD, an expert on the subject. Help us end these theories that pollute the media environment and prevent real solutions from breaking through by sharing this report. All details are available on

1. No, the plastic that pollutes the ocean cannot be collected by boats.

The reason is that of the 200 million tons of plastic waste in the sea, only 0.6% (1 million tons) is on the surface. There is a lot of plastic in the ocean but it is not at the surface, so where is it? To learn more, read the full report.

2. No, the 7th continent of plastic is not a pile of garbage.

Its name is confusing: it owes it to its large surface area, comparable to the size of a continent, but the similarity ends there. It is an area where… See more.

3. No, most of the plastic in the sea does not come from a dozen rivers.

Each year, out of the 14 million tons of waste that reach the ocean, only 1 million (or 7%) comes from rivers.

All the details of the figures are available here.

4. No, fishing is not the source of most plastic pollution.

In order to support its argument denouncing the damage of industrial fishing, the documentary Seaspiracy suggests that half of the plastic pollution comes from fishing. In reality…read more here.

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