Press Releases Pre-Event: 35th EUPVSEC 2018

Pre-Event: 35th EUPVSEC 2018

Munich, Germany, 20 September 2018 – The 35th edition of the European PV Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition (EU PVSEC) will open its doors from Monday 24 to Friday 28 September 2018 at SQUARE – Brussels Meeting Centre, Belgium.
The EUPVSEC is a fixed appointment in the calendar of PV experts and has been for decades. It gathers the global PV community to conduct business, to network and to present and discuss the latest developments and innovations in Photovoltaics. It is the world renowned science-to-science, business- to-business and science-to-industry platform with a full and only focus on the global PV Solar sector. The five-day Conference is complemented by the four-day Exhibition, held from Monday, 24 noon to Thursday, 27 September, that gives the opportunity to meet different target groups: the global PV community, from science and PV industry will gather at the EU PVSEC. Technologies, innovations and new concepts in the upstream PV sector are the main characteristics. From total participants about 50% is represented by PV researchers and 40% by PV industry.

This year conference programme, with more than 1,000 presentations, cover the entire range of PV research, technologies and applications, focusing on the latest scientific, technological and market- related trends and provides an overview on the latest R&D in photovoltaic technology from the leading global researchers of institutes, universities and solar companies. Now that Photovoltaic Solar Energy is becoming a major electricity source, the EU PVSEC extended its focus to applied and policy-oriented topics. The EU PVSEC thus strengthens its established leading role in science and technology among the players of the global PV sector.

The Conference Programme is complemented with 9 Parallel Events that present around 110 additional contributions. They are jointly organized with major international organisations and offer a deep insight into specific topics along the most recent technology, market and business trends. The EU PVSEC Industry Exhibition provides first hand opportunities to meet with the global innovators in these challenging times full of new opportunities.

Pierre Verlinden, Conference General Chairman of the upcoming Conference, commented: “With a global deployment of photovoltaic systems approaching half TeraWatt by the end of 2018 and with the predicted installation of another half TeraWatt within the next 3 years, photovoltaic technology will play a central role in a transformed sustainable energy economy. A few years ago, this statement could have been seen as an unrealistic vision. It is today a reality. The efficiency of PV systems is making tremendous progress. Solar electricity prices from PV are now competitive with conventional sources of power generation at many places around the globe. An increasing electrification of the economy, combined with a complete decarbonisation of the electricity generation is the best pathway to a sustainable global economy. The PV industry and the research community take their responsibility in this global transformation of the energy landscape and have demonstrated that they can do it. The EU PVSEC has been for more than 4 decades at the center of PV innovation. Once again, this conference will be the place for sharing experience and present innovative technologies that will be part of tomorrow’s energy portfolio.

This year the event will be held in the heart of Europe, Brussels.

“I’m excited that this year’s EU-PVSEC takes place in Brussels, Europe’s capital. It provides the perfect forum to showcase the excellence of the Belgian R&D players in the domain of photovoltaic technology and system development. This is also an encouragement for our respective governments to foresee a prominent position of photovoltaic electricity generation in our future sustainable energy system. I welcome all the participants coming from all parts of the globe to get the latest on PV innovations as well as to enjoy the best of what Belgium has to offer on gastronomy and culture said Prof. Jef Poortmans, Scientific Director of the PV and Energy activities of Imec, part-time Professor at the K.U.Leuven and University Hasselt , R&D Strategy Coordinator of EnergyVille, imec Fellow for his contribution and impact, Coordinator R&D-strategy of EnergyVille, member of the Steering Committee of the ETIP PV (European Technology & Innovation Platform PV).

For many years, the European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition (EU PVSEC) has combined a renowned international scientific Conference with a leading PV Industry Exhibition and trade fair. During five Conference and four Trade Fair days, new products and technical innovations from all areas of photovoltaics and from all over the world are on show.

The EU PVSEC is supported by European and international organisations such as the European Commission, UNESCO – United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, Natural Sciences Sector, WCRE – World Council for Renewable Energy, SolarPower Europe, Solar United, – Global Solar Business & Technology Association ESA – European Space Agency, EREF – European Renewable Energies Federation, EUFORES – European Forum for Renewable Energy Sources, ETIP PV – European Technology and Innovation Platform Photovoltaics, ARE – Alliance for Rural Electrification, AIE – European Association of Electrical Contractor, CABA – Continental Automated Buildings Association, EPIC – European Photonics Industry Consortium, SASIA – Saudi Arabia Solar Industries Association.

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