Press Releases Press Conference About Turkish invasion on #Afrin (North-Syria)

Press Conference About Turkish invasion on #Afrin (North-Syria)

Wednesday February 14th
10:30 -11:30
Press Club Brussels


The Kurdish Institute would like to invite you to the press conference on Wednesday February 14th, at 10.30am in Press Club Brussels.


On January 20th, the Turkish state together with Salafist groups (Al-Qaeda, Al-Nusra, FSA, Heyet Tahrir El Şam and former IS terrorists) launched a military assault against the Kurdish region of Afrin/North-Syria.


The US, the EU and their allies tacitly approved the operation by claiming that it is Turkey’s right to defend its borders. Russia, meanwhile, consented to the assault by allowing Turkish state to use the Syrian airspace……


And now: Turkish state is killing civilians, committing crimes against humanity and genocide in Afrin


  • Until more than 200 civilians have been killed, most of them are women and children, and hundreds have been injured.
  • Turkey, not satisfied with only killing civilians, has now started erasing what is left of the history in Northern Syria. Turkish war-jets destroyed a 3.000-year-old – the Ain Dara Hittite temple complex.
  • Turkey is using weapons such as Napalm and cluster bombs on civilians which were banned internationally by the United Nations’ Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons.


At the press conference will speak:


  • Salih Muslim. former Co-Chair of the PYD (Democratic Union Party). Now memeber of diplomatic realation of the TEV-DEM (Democratic Society Movement, the governing body of the North Syria Federation)
  • Riyad Derar (Suleman Alhmod), Co-President of the Democratic Syrian Council

Contact Tel: for French 0032486980038 for Flemish 0032486057514

Kurdish Institute Brussels



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