Press Releases Promote Ukraine will join the march Stop Ecocide of this Sunday 12h30 EU Parliament

Promote Ukraine will join the march Stop Ecocide of this Sunday 12h30 EU Parliament

Stop genocide and ecocide in Ukraine !

After Russia brutally invaded Ukraine, the country is facing a humanitarian and environmental catastrophe. Thousands of Ukrainian civilians were killed and tortured.

The biggest nuclear power plants in Europe were shelled and seized by the Russian army in Zaporizhzhya and Chornobyl. If one of the reactors is damaged the nuclear disaster will damage the entire European continent.

Russia is also planning mass deforestation of Ukraine by illegal logging and selling Ukrainian wood from seized territories. Total logging of green zones is another example of occupiers’ crimes that can lead to ecocide. Previously, a similar situation took place in Ukraine during the nazi occupation when invaders destroyed and exported material and natural resources.

There is also an increasing concern that Russia will use chemical and biological weapons in Ukraine as it did in Aleppo. Russia already used various types of banned weapons in Ukraine including the phosphorus bombs in an overnight attack on the town of Popasna a few days ago.

These are only some of the atrocities committed by the Russian terrorist state in Ukraine. We are calling everyone in Belgium and Brussels to join us and climate movements in the plea to stop genocide and ecocide in Ukraine.

This march is a partnership with the Stop Ecocide Everywhere march Gathering 12:30 p.m.  Luxembourg place departure 1 p.m. and arrival around 2 p.m. at Schuman with speeches by End Ecocide and Rise For Climate Belgium, Promote Ukraine, MEP Marie Toussaint, UN jurist Olivier De Schutter, Adelaide Charlier Youth for Climate

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Contacts Promo Ukraine: 0491111691

Anna Melenchuk : +32493032984 Kim Le Quang 0499.43.93.50

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