Press Releases Promote Ukraine’s Founding President Marta BARANDIY is Top Candidate for the EP Elections (Voor U)

Promote Ukraine’s Founding President Marta BARANDIY is Top Candidate for the EP Elections (Voor U)

Promote Ukraine’s Founding President Marta BARANDIY is Top Candidate for the EP Elections (Voor U)

It is with great enthusiasm and our excitement that we would like to officially inform our friends, supporters, and partners that our Founding President, Ms Marta BARANDIY has decided to present her candidacy for the upcoming elections to the European Parliament (EP) to be held on the 9th of June 2024.

Marta is heading the list of “VOOR U” Flemish political party, which decided to include her not only as a well-known Belgian Ukrainian activist, lawyer and advocacy leader, but also to acknowledge the great importance of the “Ukrainian subject” that should be absolutely kept into the European political and economic agenda in context of the ongoing devastating war unleashed by Russia against Ukraine.

Becoming an integral part of “VOOR U”, Marta will be powerful in defending Flanders’ interests inside the EP with her endless energy and dedication the way she is standing ten years already for maintaining support for Ukrainian people in Belgium and in the European institutions.  

“Promote Ukraine” is proudly supporting our Founding President Marta BARANDIY for her bid to the European Parliament and, knowing her excellent leadership and personal skills, all our co-thinkers team wishes her great success for the upcoming European elections!

While working 10 years under her wise leadership since our organization has been founded, we are absolutely confident that Marta would become a very efficient Member of the European Parliament, targeting her talent and rich experience to defend democracy, human rights, European values, security and social cohesion

We are proud to have such unique opportunity in the history of the EP when a Belgian of the Ukrainian origin could defend not only the interests of her voters, but also to contribute to the restauration of peace and security in Ukraine, where Marta was born.

Ukraine will always be a part of Marta’s heart, as well as Flanders, where she lives with her family and which became her beloved homeland.

“Promote Ukraine” (PU) calls upon all those who support the European idea, our democratic values and the rule of law, all those who stand for the conflict-free continent where peace and justice prevail, to vote for Marta BARANDIY!

Your support is crucial for the European parliamentarism which is facing serious challenges, a threat to deal with those who support Kremlin and are trying to destroy European unity these critical times for our common security and stability.

Our joint voice of unwavering endorsement for Marta’s European Parliament election campaign should be enhanced by your trust and faith in Europe, in Ukraine which defends our Europe, and in power of her strong will for positive changes.

Thus, “Promote Ukraine” officially informs that during her elections campaign, Marta BARANDIY will no longer exercise functions of our President and will dedicate all of her time and efforts to be elected and to improve the ability of EP to defend all Europeans.

Mr. Vasyl KUSHMUNS, Vice-President of PU, has been appointed as our President and will head our Organization starting 26 March 2024

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