Press Releases Renewed ‘Europe’ Room at BELvue Museum

Renewed ‘Europe’ Room at BELvue Museum

On Tuesday 18 September the BELvue Museum will be presenting its extended ‘Europe’ room. On that evening visitors will have an opportunity to discover the renewed room for the symbolic price of one euro.

The BELvue museum looks at Belgium and its history using seven themes that are important today and a gallery containing more than 200 objects. The themes of democracy, prosperity, solidarity, pluralism, migration, languages and Europe: each one has a room with its own display, a “monument”, videos and a series of photographs, illustrations and infographics.

The BELvue museum, which was opened with its new look two years ago, aims to provide the keys to understanding today’s society, especially for our younger visitors. By regularly updating the displays, the BELvue aims to stay as closely connected as possible with today’s society and our visitors’ expectations.

The museum has therefore added a number of modules and infographics to the room about Europe. Visitors to the room will also see the new “monument”. A large 1 euro coin – made of white stucco on a plinth, in the same way as the “monuments” in the adjoining rooms – is the symbol used for the theme of Europe. A memorial frieze on the wall shows the timeline of the major milestones of European integration, making it clear that Belgium has been involved since the very beginning. A new module also shows visitors how Europe is involved in our daily lives, from consumer protection laws to the abolition of roaming charges and opportunities for young European students to participate in the Erasmus programme. This module is supplemented by caricatures and cartoons from the press, highlighting criticisms of the European Union.

The new-look ‘Europe’ room will be inaugurated at an evening event, where visitors will pay a symbolic price of 1 euro.

It is the perfect opportunity to top up your knowledge of Belgium and Europe.

• Tuesday 18 September 2018, from 17.00 to 22.00 (last entry at 21.30)
• Unguided visit to the BELvue museum and a chance to see the new ‘Europe’ room. Audio guides available via the app on your own smartphone or tablet (free of charge)
• Entry price for all: 1€/person (free under 18 years)

and at the Facebook event

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