Press Releases S&D Group: President Iratxe García

S&D Group: President Iratxe García

S&D Group: President Iratxe García

It is time to heal the wounds and unite the country again around the rule of law, freedom and diversity. That’s the strength of American democracy. No one can achieve this better than Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. I congratulate them and our friends in the Democratic Party. They have won the majority in the Senate and a historic victory in Georgia, with the first African American senator from that state. „

Back in business! And what a start of the year this was! In case you’ve missed it, check out our Group’s reaction to the Capitol riots in the US.

Our members are getting ready for another full week, as we prepare the first plenary session of the year, scheduled to take place from January 18 – 21.

We will kick off the week on Monday with a joint meeting of the budget and economic committees, where members will confirm the results of inter-institutional negotiations on the Recovery and Resilience Facility and on the crucial InvestEU programme.

On Thursday, members of the environment committee will hold a hearing on biodiversity and the way it was impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Group activities resume as well, with the first Group meeting of the year scheduled next week. On the agenda – preparations for the upcoming plenary session. Members will discuss topics including the priorities of the Portuguese Presidency of the Council, gender equality and the social impact of Covid-19, among others.

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