Press Releases S&D Group: Weekly Update

S&D Group: Weekly Update

Iratxe Garcia: “At the end of this unprecedented crisis, European citizens will judge whether the EU was able to unite to protect them. Whatever the instruments chosen to tackle this crisis, we need a strong European response where countries will not be penalised for taking care of their citizens. As important as mutualising debt, is mutualising solidarity.

This week, Iratxe García, S&D Group president, and president of the Party of the European Socialists, Sergei Stanishev, called on the Eurogroup to live up to its historic responsibility to save the Eurozone.

When the Eurogroup reconvenes later today (April 9), the S&D Group’s message is the same: mutualising the debt created by this crisis is essential. Corona-Bonds or Recovery-Bonds – the name really doesn’t matter: what’s important is helping those countries in need and showing solidarity!

Next week, with the help of remote voting, MEPs will take part in an extraordinary plenary on Thursday 16 April. Members of the S&D Group Bureau will meet remotely on Tuesday to assess the outcome of Eurogroup meeting. The Group will meet via video conference on Wednesday to discuss the resolution on the EU response to the COVID–19 pandemic ahead of the plenary session. The S&D Group is calling for a strong coordinated position in response to the crisis, which lives up to citizens’ expectations and with solidarity at its heart.

While public health has been a top concern, our MEPs have also taken a stand on democracy and the rule of law. Following in the footsteps of Hungary, the Polish governing party this week used the COVID-19 pandemic to undermine democracy, willing to risk citizens’ health and safety. Are the measures taken by Hungary and Poland in line with the rule of law, fundamental rights and democracy? Not in our book.

S&D MEPs continue to follow the #stayhome guidance by working remotely. You can follow our #stayhome campaign with tips on how to keep busy while at home on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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