Press Releases S&Ds call on the UN for an immediate no-fly zone in Myanmar

S&Ds call on the UN for an immediate no-fly zone in Myanmar

The Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament today urged the international community to declare a no-fly zone in the regions of Myanmar where the military junta is launching airstrikes to fight the resistance of the ethnic minorities. The call by the S&D Group comes on the first anniversary since the coup d’état seized power, and ever since then, violence has escalated throughout the country.

According to several international organisations, there are now more than 400.000 additional people internally displaced due to the conflict since last year’s military coup.

Pedro Marques, member of the European Parliament and S&D vice-president in charge of foreign affairs, said:

“One year on since the coup, the military junta is escalating violence and using airstrikes to take control of the ethnic regions. There are countless cases of human rights violations and over 14 million people are in humanitarian need.

“The international community cannot remain silent and just send appeals. We demand to the EU and its member states to liaise with our international partners and call on the Security Council of the United Nations to urgently declare and ensure a no-fly zone in Myanmar. This is urgent in order to prevent a further escalation of the conflict and large scale death.”

Marianne Vind, member of the European Parliament and S&D spokesperson on ASEAN, said:

“Civilians in Myanmar fear for their lives at this very moment as military airstrikes are targeting them, their schools and their hospitals.

“To me it is an obligation, as a social democrat and as a human being, to act when oppression occurs, when violence is rising and when families are ripped apart.

“Therefore, the United Nations cannot delay intervening for even one more second with a clear conscience.”

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