Press Releases S&Ds on Frontex resignation

S&Ds on Frontex resignation

Responding to the resignation of the Frontex Executive Director, the S&D spokesperson for home affairs, Birgit Sippel, said:

“The Socialists and Democrats were the first political group to call for the resignation of Frontex’s Executive Director, Fabrice Leggeri, well over a year ago, back in late 2020. This is a long overdue development, after years of constant allegations of pushbacks and violations of human rights, but it is welcome news that Leggeri is finally stepping down. For years, Leggeri has mismanaged the EU’s border and coast guard agency, significantly harming its reputation and misleading the Parliament along the way. The evidence of the need for fresh leadership has mounted since then, and we will scrutinise the succession closely. At the same time, we must not stop to fully examine all allegations into misconduct and fundamental rights violations so that we can quickly restore the integrity and credibility of Frontex. This has to include a detailed examination of the findings of the OLAF investigation of the agency. Finally, the Frontex Management Board needs to question its all too passive role in the process, without showing the necessary determination to draw the right consequences.”

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